2013 Russian Open Grip Championships

Former CoC Silver Bullet world record holder Alexey Tyukalov told IronMind that the upcoming Russian Open Grip Championships will be “concentrating more on popularity of the sport than breaking new records,” but don’t think that doesn’t mean the big guns will sitting idly on the sidelines.

Look for both novice and world record level performances at the Russian Open Grip Championships next month.   IronMind® | Image courtesy of the World Armlifting Association.

“We want more participants in all our competitions,” said Tyukalov.  “In future games we will have more categories, by weight, by age and by men and women.  Next games are the yearly Russian Open Grip Championship in Moscow 5 March.  

“There will be Rolling Thunder, Apollon’s Axle, Wrist Roller, Silver Bullet, Hub and closing different grippers.  Some of the best strongmen of Russia will attend in Apollon Axle, motivated by the high results in Los Angeles,” Tyukalov said.



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