О порядке прохождения Классификации на чемпионате мира в Турции


Dear Armwrestling friends,

Dear WAF Members,

We would like to inform you that the presence at the Classification session scheduled for Saturday, 13th of October 2018, 10:00 is MANDATORY for all athletes which never classified before with WAF and for athletes with classification status N – New, R – Review or NE - Not Eligible for the Class they want to register. Please check the attached Master list.



Para-armwrestlers with the WAF Classification Status C – Confirmed DO NOT need to attend the Classification session scheduled on Saturday, 13th of October 2018, 10:00.




ALL para-athletes are obliged to attend the WEIGH-IN on Sunday, 14th of October 2018, starting 9:00 according with the schedule.




If you need more information please contact us.




Please follow the following deadlines




Visa application:                                           13 September 2018


Hotel reservation:                                         29 September 2018


End of online registration:                           29 September 2018


Para-Armwrestling Classification files:     29 September 2018



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